Refill not Land Fill! Our Green Credentials.

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Refill not Land Fill! Our Green Credentials.

Keeping your glasses clean has never been easier with our own branded cleaning spray for glasses. It is an alcohol-free formula, based purely on natural ingredients. In addition to the  compact high pressure atomizer propels a fine mist across the entire lens, this sprayis 100% safe to use on all spectacle lens types and frame materials.

By using our own branded lens spray cleaner you are doing your bit for the environment as it is natural and sustainable and  more importantly the bottles are refillable in our practice for free. 

An environmentally friendly way to keep your spectacles clean, what’s not to like about that?!

So the concept is simple, pop in and purchase our lens spray and qualify for free refills as required.

Learn more about keeping your glasses clean here.


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Refill not Land Fill! Our Green Credentials.
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