We know that if you want to have the best vision it requires a little investment in your frames, lenses, contact lenses and sunglasses.  And then if there is more than one in the family with vision requirements this expense can appear daunting.  Families will often stagger their appointments during the year in order to spread to costs.  

At Nichola Kennedy FAOI Optometrist we are very aware of this and strive to help you budget as best we can.  We have a number of ways in which you can cope with these essential costs.

The traditional way is to come in when it suits you individually and pay for eye examination and products at the time.  The prescription is usually stable for 2 years and so you can pop in and chose new frames, sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, swimming goggles, recreational specs etc on a pay as you go basis.  This is usually perfect if there is only yourself to consider from a vision perspective.

If there is a number of you in the house with vision needs, or maybe you fancy the Calvin Klein specs you saw in our window last Saturday night, then maybe our prepayment system might be of interest to you where you can pop in or call us and put a credit on your account as down payment towards your desired products.  Or someone you know can also pop a little payment into your account for your birthday, Valentines Day or Christmas.

We also have a family plan where we can estimate your annual eyecare requirements as a family, divide it out over 12 months and you can set up a direct debit or pop in on a monthly or weekly basis and you can come in whenever suits for your eye exams rather than waiting til your personal cashflow dictates, this way no-one’s eyecare gets deferred.  There are some loyalty perks with this scheme also.

With each of these options we will of course deduct any allowances you may be entitled to on SW optical benefit scheme or HSE medical card.

We also can supply you with gift vouchers for any special occasion.