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Getting your eyes examined regularly by someone who knows you and your eye health is essential, especially as you get older. Regular visits to Nichola Kennedy Optometrist at Kilcullen Optician will ensure your eyes are monitored for unforeseen visual ailments which can occur in adults such as cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma.

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Dispensing and eyewear styling consultations

We are happy to dispense prescriptions from private consultant ophthalmologists (eyer doctors), hospital eye clinics, local eye clinics and other opticians.  Just bring along your prescription to your appointment with us and we will advise you on the best frames and lenses for your prescription, face shape, lifestyle and personality.


Our Dry Eye Clinic has seen amazing results in our patients suffering from dry eye conditions.  Using our dry eye assessment we identify the cause and educate you in how to manage your condition.  It makes sense to have your optometrist who examines your eyes  guide you in the management of your dry eye especially when it affects your contact lens wear.


Wonder if your vision is up to the mark for your chosen career.  It is essential to have your eyes examined when you have a certain career in mind.  For example colour vision is essential for electrician and engineers, you need to have good vision in both eyes without glasses for the army.   We will advise you of your vision standards  if you are not sure.


Not every optician has the equipment required for the commercial driving licence. We do. In fact, we are also the Kildare hub for truckers! 



Lindberg Eyewear

Lindberg Eyewear

“Your eyes and what’s in front of them, are the first thing people see when they meet you-not your feet, hands or legs”, he says. “So I really don’t grasp when someone puts so much effort into their overall look, and, then they just grab their glasses without a though-they do’t polish them, they probably have mushrooms growing on the nosepads- and out the door they go.”

I’m too Scared to Try Contact Lenses!

I’m too Scared to Try Contact Lenses!

I'm too Scared to Try Contact Lenses! Well I have to tell you are not alone! Many people embarking on the contact lens journey feel the same way and it is perfectly natural to be scared to try contact lenses and cringe at the idea of 'putting something in your eye'!!...

Transitions Adaptive lenses

Transitions Adaptive lenses

Transitions Adaptive lenses Transitions adaptive lenses are premium eyewear lenses that adapt continuously to changing light levels outdoors.  They block 100% of UVA and UVB rays thereby protecting your eyes and reducing eyestrain and eye fatigue and preventing...