Dry Eye Clinic. Occupational Eye Tests. Group 1 & 2 Driving Licence.

Our Dry Eye Clinic has seen amazing results in our patients suffering from dry eye conditions.  Using our dry eye assessment we identify the cause and educate you in how to manage your condition.  It makes sense to have your optometrist who examines your eyes  guide you in the management of your dry eye especially when it affects your contact lens wear.

Wonder if your vision is up to the mark for your chosen career.  It is essential to have your eyes examined when you have a certain career in mind.  For example colour vision is essential for electrician and engineers, you need to have good vision in both eyes without glasses for the army.   We will advise you of your vision standards  if you are not sure.

Not every optician has the equipment required for the commercial driving licence. We are the Kildare hub for truckers! 

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