Bright Eyes Week (from 2nd to 7th Nov) – free screening for children.
Bright Eyes
We are delighted to be participating in the Bright Eyes 6 Point Vision Check for children again this year.  This screening programme has been developed by the Association of Optometrists, Ireland for optometrists interested in children’s vision.  
Nichola is well established as a specialist paediatric optometrist in Kildare and has completed her masters in paediatric and special needs optometry.  Our team have your child’s visual development at the forefront of our minds, knowing that for your child to succeed academically and socially they need excellent vision.
The screening takes only a few minutes and is much more comprehensive than the primary school vision screening, as it is possible to pass the school screening but still have vision problems.  The screening process is a fun, pain-free experience for children attending our practice.  The results are instant and you will be advised at the time of the screening of those results and advised appropriately.
Common signs of vision problems in a child:
•Complaining of not being able to see black / white board.
•The eye turning in or out.
•Holding things too close to the face.
•Covering one eye during certain activities.
•Frequent blinking or rubbing the eye.
•Tilting the head to one side.
•Avoiding close work or reading.
•Poor attention span.
•Difficulties in holding place when reading.
•Difficulties in reading, remembering and learning.
•Older children may complain of headaches or sore eyes.
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