Junior Eye Tests


Our junior eye tests are fun, friendly, and freaky. Your child doesn’t have to be able to read.  And they don’t need to know letters or numbers either.
Glasses if required are then fitted for their prescription and face shape.

Kids enjoy having their eyes tested at Nichola Kennedy Optometrist.

Talk to us about:

  • Cycloplegia – the gold standard test for assessing children’s prescriptions; drops are used to relax the child’s focusing system in order to get a true prescription.  (Nichola also uses the unique Mohindra technique which can bypass the need for cycloplegia and avoid distress for all involved) 
  • Patching for lazy eyes. Encourages the vision to develop in the eye that doesn’t see so well.
  • Prescription sunglasses, prescription swimming goggles, and prescription sports specs. 
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