Although there are several types of cataracts, they are all caused by a loss of transparency in the crystalline lens of the eye.  This loss of transparency causes a disruption in the transmission of light to the retina, causing impaired vision.  Both eyes can be affected and vision is often worst affected in bright light.


Who is affected?

Cataracts most commonly occur among people who are over age 55, although it can affect younger people and, rarely, can affect newborns.  23% of those over 75 are affected by cataracts.

What causes the development of cataracts?

Chemical changes within the protein material of the lens are responsible for clouding and yellowish or brownish discolouration of the lens.  These chemical changes seem to be part of the natural aging process, although they can also be caused by injury, inherited tendencies, inflammation, certain diseases or birth defects.

Other contributing factors include exposure of the eye to ultra violet light (sunlight), poor nutrition, cigarette smoking & certain medications.

If you are experiencing difficulties with your vision, or are having problems with glare, book now for an eye exam.