Diabetes & Diabetic Retinopathy

Are you or is someone you know Diabetic?  Did you know that a diabetic should have an eye examination including dilated eye examination every year.  This is because people with diabetes may lose some vision as a result of blood vessels at the back of the eye leaking some fluid.  This can often be picked up at a routine eye examination and is called diabetic retinopathy .

Some diabetic retinopathy is expected the longer you are diabetic and is not harmful to your vision.  However some forms of diabetic retinopathy can damage sight by causing leakages in the fine blood vessels of the retina.  If treated in time the damage caused by this type of diabetic retinopathy can be limited.

In addition to a routine eye examination to check your vision and your prescription whether one is needed or not, it is essential for all diabetics to have a dilated eye examination(using specific eye drops)  and retinal photography on an annual basis.  By having this type of examination done on an annual basis, minute changes to the integrity of the retinal vessels can be assessed and managed accordingly.

Diabetic eye examinations are carried out at Nichola Kennedy Optometrist in Kilcullen, County Kildare.