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Eyewear Styling

amazing glasses

excellent customer care

Are you looking for amazing glasses and excellent customer care?

Then we are the right optician for you!

Welcome to Kilcullen Optician- Nichola C. Kennedy FAOI mBABO Optometrist, Dispensing & Styling Optician.


Do you hate choosing new glasses?  Are you bored or tired of the same styles of glasses elsewhere?  Do you end up leaving disappointed? Are you looking for something a bit different? 

If you answered yes to the above questions then you are in the right place.


Our relaxed atmosphere and personalised eyewear styling consultation takes the hassle out of choosing glasses so you don’t feel like a number in a rushed environment.

If you have had problems with your glasses in the past, whether it was the vision, discomfort, poor quality we would love to help you.  We love a challenge and enjoy problem solving.

Personal, individualised service is our speciality.

Our personally selected eyewear collections from niche independant eyewear ranges are second to none.

We have access to the best lens technology on the market from manufacturers such as Carl Zeiss Vision, Essilor, Hoya and more.

We will address the problems that you have with your eyes and/or glasses and we will find you eyewear that will fir perfectly and feel fantastic!

Don’t be afraid of making the wrong choice, that’s what we are here for! We will help and advise you with your choice.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing you leave with amazing eyewear and a smile from ear to ear!

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MYOPIA. WHY PARENTS SHOULD PAY ATTENTION When most of today's grandparents were children, they played a lot in the open air, out on the streets and in the fields with their pals. Today, their grandchildren not so much. Not a lot at all, really. And one result may be...

I’m too Scared to Try Contact Lenses!

I’m too Scared to Try Contact Lenses!

I'm too Scared to Try Contact Lenses! Well I have to tell you are not alone! Many people embarking on the contact lens journey feel the same way and it is perfectly natural to be scared to try contact lenses and cringe at the idea of 'putting something in your eye'!!...

Transitions Adaptive lenses

Transitions Adaptive lenses

Transitions Adaptive lenses Transitions adaptive lenses are premium eyewear lenses that adapt continuously to changing light levels outdoors.  They block 100% of UVA and UVB rays thereby protecting your eyes and reducing eyestrain and eye fatigue and preventing...

Childrens glasses 2 pairs for €100

Childrens glasses 2 pairs for €100

For the month of November to celebrate this week's Bright Eyes children's vision campaign we have great offer of 2 pairs of childrens glasses for €100.  A great offer, as it is always a good idea for kids to have 2 pairs of glasses.....   (T&C apply)  We are well...