Entitled to PRSI OR have A MEDICAL CARD?

yOU MAY BE Eligible for free eye tests.


How to claim your free PRSI eye test


1. Include your PPS number when booking an appointment & ask if you’re eligible for a free eye test.

2. If you qualify under the Medical Card scheme, you’ll need to visit us to complete an application.

3. We send your form to the HSE for approval.

4. Once approval is granted, you can book your free eye test!

Who is eligible? 

Eye tests are free if you are entitled to PRSI treatment benefit or have a Medical Card. This applies to both employed and self-employed workers. Since 27 March 2017, self-employed workers are now also eligible for a free PRSI-funded eye test.



How often do I need eye tests? 

We advise adults and children to have an eye test every two years. Regular eye tests allow us to check whether your sight is changing over time and can catch small changes you may not have noticed as well as assessing your eye health.