Level 5 Covid restrictions – Business as usual for us!

So today we are breathing a sigh of relief having received clarification of our status in Level 5.

When level 5 was announced a list of essential retail and services was released by the Dept of An Taoiseach, every other health and medical discipline as well as off licences and hardware stores were permitted to stay open but optometry was classed as non essential and we were to operate an emergency only system. 

Having worked behind closed doors for lockdown mark 1 in emergency mode and having seen the negative  impact of same on people’s quality of life, I was extremely concerned to see Level 5 land us back in the same position. 

So the last 36 hours have been confusing and stressful but, thankfully,  the Dept of An Taoiseach has sent clarification to us via the Association of Optometrist’s, Ireland.

”Opticians and optometrists can be open to provide their services (eye appointments, etc) and it does not need to be on an emergency basis “

“the Dept of An Taoiseach would prefer clients/customers to make appointments for these services”

This means that we can continue working as we have been since May 18th 2020 providing routine eyecare, dispensing of spectacles, adjustments and repairs to glasses and contact lens exams, fittings and check ups. 

Where possible, please could you contact us prior to attending rather than arriving unannounced, this helps is to manage our flow of people through the practice and thereby keeps everyone safe. 

If you have contact lenses on order or require solutions or drops, or accessories, or anti-fog spray, you can phone ahead, place your order, pay over the phone and we will have your products ready for you to collect at the door. If you have glasses on order we will allocate a fitting appointment for you. 

So if your are working from home and suffering from eye strain or headaches, if you have lost your reading glasses, or you have broken your driving glasses, or are in need a pair of prescription sunglasses for the winter sun or you are in need of a repair for your glasses, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be here and will be only delighted to be of assistance. 

045-484643 for enquiries

Email bookings@kilcullenoptician.com for appt queries and other queries

www.kilcullenoptician.com/booking to book on our web diary. 

Be assured that our practice is a very safe place to be during these uncertain times.