Good news! In order to make room for new arrivals coming soon we are having a great SALE:

Buy 1 complete set and you get your second for half price!!

This offer applies to single vision, bifocals and varifocals and prescription sunglasses and transitions. That means you get your lenses and your frames half price!!

This is a perfect opportunity for everyone, consider these scenarios:

* emergency back up reading spectacles – for those in the habit of loosing their reading glasses!

* spare driving glasses- did you know that in the UK it is illegal for a driver not to have a second pair of driving glasses if the driver requires glasses for driving- ok so we are in Ireland but do you have a spare set?

* prescription sunglasses- did you ever invest in those prescription sunglasses that you know you need to look cool but also to protect your peepers?  Now is the perfect opportunity!

* if you love your transition lenses in the summer but prefer to have a clear pair for the winter!

* for the kids who are tough on their specs, a spare set is essential!

* for the fashion conscious who like to have a pair of formal glasses as well as a funky pair!  

So avail of our Summer Madness Sale and Buy 1 Complete set of spectacles and get your 2nd set Half Price.

 As with all offers T&C apply, offer ends August 29th 2015 !