Unbeatable Offer on Crizal lenses- As Seen on TV

Nichola Kennedy Optometrist (aka www.kilcullenoptician) in Kilcullen is now offering new and existing patients a special offer of a complimentary second pair of spectacle lenses with every purchase of Crizal.   It’s a great opportunity to get two new pairs of glasses at a greatly reduced price.

At Nichola Kennedy Optician, we don’t believe in giving you a ‘spare’ pair of specs, every pair we dispense has a primary purpose, they aren’t for keeping in the back of a dusty cupboard.  Your complimentary pair can be clear or tinted Crizal prescription lenses and when combined with the fabulous frames we currently have in stock you can achieve two completely different yet stylish looks.

We also want to dispel the myth that all spectacle lenses are the same.  That’s simply not the case.  They can vary so much in design, material, comfort, protection against glare and scratches and more importantly, overall quality. You may be able to get two cheap pairs of glasses, but they are cheap FOR a reason!  

Because we’re an independent optician, we treat you as an individual and give your vision the time and attention it deserves.  Unlike some retail chains, we have the freedom of choice and only recommend products of the highest quality.

Crizal spectacle lenses are always our first choice as they offer protection against the six enemies of clear vision.  They protect against glare, scratches, smudges, dust, water and UV, giving you superior vision whilst eliminating all of the annoying factors that come with wearing glasses.

When wondering if you need two new pairs of glasses, ask yourself how many pairs of shoes you have.  You would never compromise with only one pair so don’t compromise on your vision and eye health.  Come in and see us today for some expert advice and to have access to the quality of vision you have only ever dreamed of.  Call us for an appointment on 045-484643 or book online