3 Facts about Winter Driving that may Surprise you.

Safe winter driving in Ireland. HOW CAN I DRIVE SAFELY IN THE LOW WINTER SUN?

Winter Driving. Have you been driving early these days in the beautiful autumnal sunny mornings or in the early evening sun?  Doesn’t it lift the spirits! But wouldn’t the sun absolutely blind you?  Doesn’t it make driving treacherous? Winter driving-do you love it or hate it? 

At this time of the year in our lovely little northerly island in the northern hemisphere of planet earth the autumn-winter sun is extremely low in the sky and so the sun’s rays bounce off our surroundings directly into our eyes.  Add some wet roads, frost or ice into the mix and we have an accident waiting to happen. So winter driving is so much more dangerous as it can be very difficult to see in very bright conditions, but equally we have less daylight hours and so driving in the dark can cause fatigue and different glare issues.

  • Did you know that when travelling at 50mph the sun’s glare adds 7m to a car’s braking distance?   
  • Did you know that low light conditions can limit a driver’s ability to see clearly in very bright conditions?
  • Did you know that driving with uncorrected short sightedness can delay your reaction times?

Keeping everyone else safe on the roads is your responsibility and so if :

  • you have noticed that you can’t see sign posts as quickly as you used to, 
  • you are sensitive to glare at night when driving, 
  • you struggle with the winter sun,
  • you have refocusing issues,

then it is time to pay us a visit for an eye exam and we will advise about what you can do to continue your winter driving safely.  

Book your winter eye exam at Kilcullen Optician now by phone on 045-484643, by e-mail  or on our web diary and ask in store about our Winter Sun Promotion, you cannot afford to miss out. (Running until end of 2021, T&C apply)

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85% experience glare while driving and 11% avoid driving at night