Are we the right opticians for you?

Choosing glasses is difficult.

  •  You really don’t know what suits you.
  • Rows and rows of glasses that all look the same to you.
  • Maybe you are tired of being treated like a number instead of an individual.  
  • Have you been getting poor advise or frustrating service, never getting the prescription or the glasses quite right?

Here we take a different approach. Here you will see a professional eyewear expert, who will take the time to find out your individual needs. Our eyewear consultation will guide you to glasses that will make you look good and feel good. 

Our unique styling consultation makes the process of choosing eyewear easier for you. It allows us to discern what shape, style and color of frames would work for you from our collection of frames. It shows you all the suitable styles for you and makes it easy, relaxed and enjoyable and there is no obligation to buy at the end. 

For your free eyewear consultation, worth €35 click here. There is only a limited number of consultations available so enter your details, answer the following question and submit.

Question: What is the main reason you are applying for an eyewear styling consultation. Please be as specific as possible.

We will make a short phone call to you to confirm an agreeable day and time with you.