Nichy Slit LampEvery parent wants to do the best for their children to allow them to grow & learn with ease & confidence, to achieve their personal best academically, socially & in sports and to be happy in their own skin.

To do this your child needs to be able to see well – remember 80% of learning is visual- school work and sports – so glasses are a simple & effective form of vision correction. However for sports soft contact lenses may be more suitable for a number of reasons:
Soft contact lenses are
* very safe for children and are safer than glasses in sporting situations,
* easy to use, simple to care for and comfortable
* can improve your child’s quality of life by boosting their self esteem
* are healthier than ever with the most breathable and moist materials ever
* allow a wider field of view potentially giving your child a competitive edge in sports
* and some contact lenses have been proven to relieve signs & symptoms of ocular allergies.

Nichola appreciates that it might be daunting allowing your child to try contact lenses, she is passionate about children’s vision and how good vision contributes to confidence building so why not try our contact lens experience. Stocking over 80 types of contact lenses with the freedom to fit what is best for your child, you can rest assured that your child’s eyes vision are in very safe hands.
Call Nichola C. Kennedy FAOI Optometrist, Kilcullen on 045-484643.