I’m too Scared to Try Contact Lenses!

Well I have to tell you are not alone! Many people embarking on the contact lens journey feel the same way and it is perfectly natural to be scared to try contact lenses and cringe at the idea of ‘putting something in your eye’!! Mother Nature designed your eyes to have a natural protective reflex called the blink which is designed to prevent dust, dirt and other foreign objects getting in to your eyes and if something gets into your eyes the blink also helps to remove it.  

So why might you be afraid to try contact lenses?

Maybe you think they will be uncomfortable, or maybe they will get stuck in your eye. Maybe they can get lost behind your eyes. And what if you can’t get them out? Will they fall out if you cry? Will they do harm to my eyes? Will they suit me at my age? These are all reasonable and rational fears, previous experience of ‘something in your eye’ has been sore or painful, you don’t want to do any damage to your eyes because you have only 1 pair that cannot be replaced, or you may think your child is too young, or you are too old!

So first things first, let’s get some facts straight:

Modern contact lenses contain 70% water and are ultra thin making them extremely comfortable.

Contact lenses are applied to the eye rather than insert a lens into the eye, so there is no pain involved! And it’s easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy, with the right guidance of course! Adults are astonished and impressed at how easily a child can apply their contact lenses.

The lenses will not fall out if you cry, it is your tears that help to keep your lenses on your eye! You cannot lose a contact lens behind your eye and it certainly cannot travel into your brain! There is a membrane that lines the inside of your eyelids and this connects to the white of your eyeball creating a barrier, thus preventing a contact lenses from disappearing! Sometimes a lens can move under an eyelid but they are very simply retrieved, once you know how.

Contact lenses, when fitted and maintained correctly, will not harm your eyes and in severe cases of dry eye they are actually used to protect the eyes. Contact lenses can also protect the eyes from allergens during the hay fever season.

They are suitable for all ages, some babies are fitted with contact lenses on medical grounds, children love to wear them for sports & parties. Teenagers & adults love them as an alternative look to their trendy specs! They are a great confidence builder.  Contact lenses are extremely useful for certain occupations. Have a think about what exactly causes your anxiety or fear about contact lenses. Hopefully reading this will have allayed some or all of your fears, but if not feel free to pop in and have a chat. We are here to gently guide you along your way to successful, comfortable contact lens wear.

A good time to try contact lenses is when you know you have an event coming up such as a wedding, communion, confirmation or some sporting event. 

So give contact lenses a chance, you will wonder why you didn’t try them sooner!