The Story behind Anne & Valentin Eyewear

Anne & Valentin Eyewear might just be one of the best kept eyewear secrets around.  This collection is well known among eyewear enthusiasts; however, is often a new discovery for many.  The collection appeals to glasses wearers who have reached the point of frustration and boredom with mass produced glasses and eyewear that lacks any element of uniqueness.

If you want frames that become your signature trademark, not just a fashion statement, Anne & Valentin is the eyewear collection for you.  They are a small, independent, and highly customer focused company who produce distinctive, meticulously crafted eyewear for people who desire more than “it all looks the same” eyewear.

Anne & Valentin” prides itself on creating radical eyewear in which you are delighted to be yourself.”  This simple saying begins telling the story behind Anne & Valentin eyewear…..

As the two worked together in their optical store, they soon realised that the products they could offer their customers was rather limited.   Anne & Valentin set off on a mission. They visited fashion shows, art exhibits, museums, and vintage furniture, jewellery and clothing stores that in works from the 50’s and 60’s .  Before craftmanship had become a thing of the past. Together they became students of design and craftmanship, and immersed themselves in creating eyewear frames that had never before been offered.

And so it began….   Anne sketching her own designs.  She wanted eyewear frames that evoked intelligence and maturity yet were artistic and playful as well. In 1984, the Anne & Valentin company sent these sketches to be prototyped and subsequently launched the first collection in Toulouse, France.  The design philosophy today remains true to its humble beginnings.

The 2019 Optical and Sun collections are full of energy, vitality, and freshness.  The frames are flash without being garnished or gaudy, and timeless chic without being predictable. Anne & Valentin frames are inspired by the designer’s desire to create for others what they would wish to wear themselves.

Cerulean blues, turquoise, blush pinks, mint green, bluish-reds (to complement complexions) as  well as more neutral tones too, you are guaranteed to come away impressed by the sheer range of highly original colours in the collection. 

All their frames are hand-crafted and the product of a 30-step hand-cutting and finishing process.  The quality of their eyewear is the product of the best materials and the best processes. The essential steps remain unchanged…man-made and hand-crafted.

Join us on Thursday September 26th 2019 from 3-6pm to celebrate the arrival of our selection of Anne & Valentin Eyewear & Sunglasses.  Even if you just want to get inspiration, you’re more than welcome to come in and view our selection..

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