It’s Important To Make Time –

Life is busy these days.  Juggling work and home life can be very difficult and at times it’s impossible to fit it all in.  The well known phrase “your health is your wealth” springs to mind here.  Oftentimes people take their eyes and vision for granted, assuming it will be ok to put off that eye test for a little while, “I don’t need glasses, I can see fine” or “my glasses are fine and I haven’t seen a change in my vision”.  Having a regular eye examination even if you don’t need glasses can prevent unnecessary sight loss.  

Here are 5 reasons to get your eyes tested now!

I have to enlarge the print on my kindle lately and need to use a magnifier to see the writing on the back of jars lately.  This is usually a simple case of needing glasses but it may also meant that you are having problems with your eye health.  

I am getting recurrent headaches.  Headaches can often be caused by eyestrain. It is imperative if you a suffering from repeated headaches to have an eye examination.  This can determine whether the headache is eye/vision related or not.  Certain tests carried out and visual advise given in an eye exam can help the sufferer and their doctor identify the cause & management  of the headaches.  Most times there are very simple reasons for the headaches.

I am Diabetic– if you have been diagnosed with diabetes you need to have your eyes thoroughly examined annually.  The reason for this is the eye can show up changes in the blood vessels of the retina which can indicate changes in the status of your diabetes. It is important to have an examination at diagnosis for a baseline assessment and then annually to assess for any changes in the retinal vessels which can be sight threatening.  Other ailments that can affect your eyes include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, thyroid eye disease, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis to name but a few.

I am seeing double.  Double vision is a serious vision and health problem.  You need an immediate eye examination and should not drive until it is resolved.  It is important to note that there is a difference  between double vision and blurred vision.

I have pain in my eyes and can’t tolerate light.

This situation needs an urgent appointment for an eye examination.  It could be something as simple but as painful as dry eye or it could be glaucoma a blinding eye disease.

Don’t put it off, have an eye examination today at Nichola Kennedy Optometrist, Kilcullen