Dyslexia-do you think you might be dyslexic?

Most experts agree that problems with sight are not usually the main cause of dyslexia.  Certain visual problems, however, do occur more often in dyslexia and these may, in some cases, contribute to the reading difficulty.

These visual problems would not normally be detected in a school eye test.  The most common visual anomalies in dyslexia are a reduced ability to focus close to and poor or unstable co-ordination of the two eyes (binocular instability).  A series of tests are needed to detect binocular instability.

These visual problems can cause eyestrain, visual stress, or visual distortions.  This may slow reading and discourage children from prolonged reading.

Not all dyslexic people have these visual problems, but some have visual anomalies without realising it.  People with a mild specific learning difficulty, perhaps not bad enough to be called dyslexic, ca also have these visual problems.  The visual problems can usually be treated with simple eye exercises.  In some cases, glasses may be prescribed.

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