Not sure if your baby/child is having vision problem?

Here are our tops tips to tell if your baby/child may be having issues:

  1.  Squinting or squeezing up eyes or tilting head
  2.  Closing or covering one eye
  3.  Eye rubbing
  4.  Wandering eyes that turn in, out, up or down.
  5.  Poor co-ordination or bumping into things excessively.

If you notice any of the above or you just feel that something is not right, don’t hesitate- have your child’s vision and eye health checked.  At NKO we love assessing children and their vision and are happy to assess at any age.  We want to make sure they get the best start in life visually.  After all 80% of what they learn is learned through vision and seeing.  It is essential that your child sees well to progress well in life.