What Style To Wear With Your Face Shape

Posted on November 18, 2014 in Inbetweeners

We love helping you to choose the right frames at Nichola Kennedy FAOI Optometrist.  Whether they are functional or for fashion we want you to look your best.  Your glasses should enhance you face, not hide it.

There are 4 face shapes:


This face shape is widest at the forehead and tapers to a defined chin.  The aim when choosing frames for a Heart shaped face is to minimise the width of the forehead and broaden the chin to bring balance to the face.  

Frames which are square, round, oval, wayfarer or aviator are good shapes.  

Shapes to avoid: top heavy frames, wide topped frames or embellished frames which would draw attention to the forehead.


The round face shape is circular without strong lines or angles.  The goal when selecting frames for round faces is to add contrast to the face’s natural contours and avoid exaggerating the roundness of the face.  

Chose frames which are wider rather than tall, thus slimming the face.  Prints, bright colours, brow detail and embellishments all enhance this look.

Frame shapes to try: square, rectangular, cat eye, wayfarer, aviator, wrap/shield

Shapes to avoid: round or oversized.


A strong jawline and distinct angles are features of this face shape.

Best with frames which lengthen and soften the face’s natural angles, and should avoid accentuating sharpness.

Frames which are square, rectangular, cat eye, wayfarer, wrap/shield, aviator are great but avoid boxy, oval or heavy browed style.


The balanced proportions of the oval face makes this the ideal face shape.

The aim here is to maintain the natural balance of the face.

Choosing a frame as wide as the widest part of the face or slightly wider is recommended.

Most shapes suit the oval face: round, square, rectangular, cat eye, aviator, wayfarer but avoid oversized at all costs!

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