How To Make Them Less Scary

Contact lenses are a fantastic way to change your appearance as well as being perfect for sports etc for young and young at heart.  They are so comfortable now that you won’t know you are wearing them. Contact lenses are now available in so many options now, for short-sight, long-sight, astigmatism, multifocal and coloured, daily disposable, fortnightly replacement and monthly replacement, for children, adults and inbetweeners!!

Most people who have never worn contact lenses before, squirm at the idea of putting something in their eyes, but when given the latest contact lenses to touch they are amazed at how soft and silky they feel in their hands.  After having the lens applied to the eyes, I love to witness their faces light up in awe of how good it looks and how comfortable it feels to wear contact lenses, often wishing I had my camera ready to get a photo of the reaction.

So to try out contact lenses is not at all scary really.  

If you are interested in trying conatct lenses we will carefully guide you through fitting the perfect lens for your lifestyle and visual requirements, we will teach you how to apply and remove your contact lenses and give tips on successful contact lens wear.  

Of course you will hear the horror stories surrounding contact lenses from time to time, these stories always involve poor products ie contact lenses or solutions made of inferior materials, poor compliance with lens care products and wearing schedules over and above what was advised by their practitioner or imposter products.  With modern breathable,contact lenses purchased from us, regular check ups and following a personalised lens hygiene routine, you can rest assured that you will have no scary moments with your contact lenses or your eyes.

Call us or pop in to us and ask for a contact lens trial session or just ask  if you can touch a contact lens if you are curious!!